Virgil Exner thumb

Virgil Exner

For a brief time period, Virgil Exner's name represented the most exciting prospects of the automobile industry. He produced some of the most beautiful and influential concept cars in the American automotive history.
John DeLorean thumb

John DeLorean

A portrait of a dreamer and maverick was developed around John DeLorean. A typical American dream story of the poor guy who became rich using only hard work and his skills unfortunately ended badly for his DeLorean Motor Company.
Charles Franklin Kettering thumb

Charles Franklin Kettering

Charles Franklin Kettering is certainly one of the great American automotive pioneers, because his inventions paved the way for the use of electricity in cars. He was born in 1876 on a small farm outside Loudenville, Ohio.
Charles Williams Nash thumb

Charles Williams Nash

Born in a small farming family in Cortland, Illinois in 1864, Charles Williams Nash certainly remains one of the greatest managers in the American automotive history. He built the strong foundations on which the General Motors stands today.
Childe Harold Wills thumb

Childe Harold Wills

Childe Harold Wills born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1878. His remarkable life and impressive accomplishments changed the way automobiles operate. He studied metallurgy, mechanical engineering and chemistry in every free moment of his time.
Charles and Frank Duryea thumb

Charles and Frank Duryea

Many automotive pioneers started their careers in the bicycle business, as did the Duryea brothers from Illinois. Older brother Charles was born in 1861 while Frank Duryea was born eight years later.
Elwood Haynes thumb

Elwood Haynes

Miserable working condition inspired an engineer Elwood Haynes to create one of the first American automobiles in the history called the Pioneer. Elwood was born in Portland, Indiana in 1857.
John William Lambert thumb

John William Lambert

A horseless carriage was a dream of many American automotive pioneers ever since Karl Benz built an automobile in Germany. John Lambert became interested in cars when he was sixteen years old and his family moved to the Van Wert County.
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