Chrysler C-300

When Chrysler started segmenting the production according to price and function variables in 1928, the foundation was set for many great models to arrive at the market. Plymouth brand represented the low end vehicles for an average American consumer. DeSoto brand was targeting the medium priced market.

As the company took over the Dodge brothers another strong element was put in place. Still, it was the early Chrysler models which led the company to 2nd place in United States sales by 1936.

The reputation of innovative engineering at affordable prices was preserved again in 1955, with the introduction of Chrysler C-300 in the automotive scene. Chrysler designer Virgil Exner is responsible for the Forward Look styling that gave the model Chrysler C-300 the fascinating image.

As a part of his vision of automotive future, the car was intended to bring modern technology closer to average consumer of the time. Letter C designation stood for coupe, while the number stood for 300 horsepower engine. A simple marketing stunt proved highly effective.

Model C-300 was a mix of other Chrysler models, taking their best parts and combining them into one car. In example, the front clip and grille were taken from the Imperial, middle part came from a New Yorker hardtop and finally the rear section was from the Windsor. Historical significance of this particular model lies in the fact it started a very popular Chrysler 300 series, therefore it is possible to view C-300 as 300A.

The car was developed in 1955 to race at the NASCAR circuits but was also sold to individuals which had enough money. Interesting exterior included basic Chrysler bumpers, while optional colors available were red, white and black.

Standard equipment included electric clock, a 150 mph speedometer, power windows and power seat. It carried the most powerful 331 cu in FirePower Hemi V8 engine fitted with twin four barrel carburetors, solid valve lifters, stiffer suspension and a performance exhaust system. A weight of 4,300lbs could have easily been compared with personal limousines.

Chrysler C-300 was the first American production car to top 355 horsepower. Company advertised it as the world's fastest stock car, which was substantiated with NASCAR results. In 1955, Chrysler won the NASCAR Grand National title and the AAA Championship by winning 33 races. In Daytona Flying Mile C-300 model finished impressive first in class, with the fastest speed measuring at 127.58 mph.

Soon, Chrysler established their position as a force to be reckoned with in NASCAR racing and speed events, thanks to dedication and driving skill of professionals such as Tim Flock and Lee Petty.

Many people still consider C-300 generation of the original American muscle cars. All over the United States, C-300 was showroom star attention. Reputation was built by off the track performance that comprised of luxurious leather upholstery accommodations, tuned and stiffened chassis capable of delivering excellent handling and road holding.

Despite the large interest, Chrysler management decided to build only 1,725 vehicles in the first year. The base price was at $4,055 strongly depending on options chosen. A regular C-300 with optional touch-tone radio, power windows, power seats, rear speaker and tinted glass would cost around $5,100. Nowadays, this award winning model is very desired in collector community and estimated to sell from $120,000 up to $150,000 depending on condition.

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