Buick LeSabre thumb

Buick LeSabre

The Buick LeSabre is a famous American car brand developed by the Buick company. For a number of years, LeSabre was considered as an entry level Buick model, since it had the lowest price in the entire model lineup.
Buick Riviera thumb

Buick Riviera

In 1949 Buick line introduced the Riviera name for the first time as a designation for the new two-door pillarless hardtop, launching along marketing campaign of "stunningly smart" design.
Buick Roadmaster thumb

Buick Roadmaster

The Roadmaster was a big car, in sedan form tipping the scales at 4,098 pounds, around 90 pounds heavier than Cadillac models of that period. In regard to price, the Roadmaster was a tremendous bargain compared with competition.
Cadillac DeVille thumb

Cadillac DeVille

The original Cadillac "Coupe de Ville" was presented in 1949 Autorama event, making a staggering entrance on the market. The actual name derives from the French language phrase de la ville or de ville which means literally of the town.
Cadillac Eldorado thumb

Cadillac Eldorado

The famous Cadillac car brand name Eldorado originates from the Spanish words "el dorado", meaning the golden one. According to the legend, it was the title originally given to the legendary chief of a South American Indian tribe.
Chevrolet Camaro thumb

Chevrolet Camaro

When asked what does the name stand for, Chevrolet product managers answered it was a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs. The Chevrolet Camaro officially became available in auto dealerships on September 29, 1966.
Chevrolet Chevelle thumb

Chevrolet Chevelle

In 1964, the very first Chevy Chevelle came from the assembly line and became the only brand new production car of the year. The original model was designed to beat popular Ford Fairlane on the market.
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