Buick Y-Job thumb

Buick Y-Job

In 1938 Earl designed the first concept car in the American automotive industry named Buick Y-Job. Entire concept car approach was created from his work to show future innovations.
Oldsmobile Toronado thumb

Oldsmobile Toronado

Bill Mitchell introduced Oldsmobile Toronado in 1966, in an attempt to create compact sport car according to David North design painting made four year earlier. There was one innovation that set it apart from all other models of the time.

Oldsmobile Series 60 thumb

Oldsmobile Series 60

In 1932 Oldsmobile based their production on two series, F and L model cars. In 1939 series F was renamed to Series 60, while L mark divided into Series 70 and Series 80. Find out more on this remarkable model...

Dodge Super Bee thumb

Dodge Super Bee

Chrysler divisions always showed a certain rivalry, but when Plymouth developed the highly successful Road Runner model Dodge engineers wanted to teach them a lesson. As a result, Dodge Super Bee was presented at Detroit Auto Show in 1968.

Dodge Viper thumb

Dodge Viper

In 1988 Chrysler President Robert Lutz envisioned a sports car with a modern engine, innovative transmission, advanced computer suspension design and exclusive tires. Dodge Viper was supposed to represent pure power.

Dodge Wayfarer thumb

Dodge Wayfarer

Dodge Wayfarer was first introduced in 1949, when Chrysler just prepared modern model lineup for the post World War II America. It was a unique moment in time, as life in the United States slowly returned to normal.

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