Chrysler Airflow thumb

Chrysler Airflow

In 1934 Chrysler Corporation was considered American automotive industry prospect and needed a model to establish its presence. Tested in the first air tunnel used for modeling cars, Airflow was supposed to be a next generation vehicle.
Plymouth Road Runner thumb

Plymouth Road Runner

The Road Runner was designed to reach 0-60 mph under seven seconds and to beat quarter mile test under 15 seconds, carry modern equipment and many other technological gadgets for under $3,000.

Pontiac GTO thumb

Pontiac GTO

Even though it wasn't the first muscle car model in United States, Pontiac GTO started competition between American carmakers for the entire muscle car market. Pontiac Division of General Motors built the classic GTO from 1964 to 1974...

Pontiac Ventura thumb

Pontiac Ventura

Original Pontiac Ventura was named after the Italian word bonaventure which means good fortune. In 1960 General Motors introduced the model as a package for the Pontiac Catalina, making an immediate impact on the market.

Oldsmobile Curved Dash thumb

Oldsmobile Curved Dash

Ransom Eli Olds developed the first mass-produced car with interchangeable parts. When a fire burned down the main production facility it was the only car salvaged. It was the Oldsmobile Curved Dash presented by the Olds Motor Works in 1901.

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