Dodge Challenger thumb

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger was officially introduced in 1969. The car had a long-hood platform and a two-inches longer wheelbase to create additional impression of space.
Dodge Charger thumb

Dodge Charger

In the 1960s Dodge was searching for a way to reach broader range of consumers. As a result in 1966 the Dodge Charger was presented to the public.The Charger was in essence a Coronet, other than the two-door fastback roof and unique trim.

Ford Fairlane thumb

Ford Fairlane

A model Ford Fairlane got the name from Henry Ford's estate near Dearborn, Michigan called Fair Lane. The Fairlane was initially designed as a full-size car, which was converted to a mid-size car in the 1962.
Ford Falcon thumb

Ford Falcon

Dubbed as the "small car with the big car feel", Ford Falcon was considered the most successful vehicle launch of the 1959. Of the 97,000 units produced in the first production run, dealers had basically snapped up the whole line in two months.

Ford Model T thumb

Ford Model T

In 1908 the first generally affordable car was developed by Henry Ford. It made travelling via car accessible to millions of middle-class Americans, a possibility previously only available to very wealthy at the time.
Ford Model A thumb

Ford Model A

When competition began catching up with undisputed icon of automotive industry Ford Model T, Henry Ford had to expand his perception of future vehicle development. As a result of his efforts, Ford Model A was born.
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