Ford Mustang thumb

Ford Mustang

Ford management had developed a strategy to dominate the biggest competitors with a small sports car instead of full sized muscle cars. Mustang was originally designed as an European tradition two seater.
Ford Torino thumb

Ford Torino

The Torino model history started in 1968 as an upscale version of Ford Fairlane. Introduction of the 1972 whole new design for the Torino marks the critical era of iconic design of Gran Torino.

Lincoln Continental thumb

Lincoln Continental

In 1938, Edsel Ford commissioned a custom design from the chief stylist, Eugene T. Gregorie. Compared to the competition vehicles of the period, long and low design makes the Continental one of the most beautiful cars from the era.
Pontiac Firebird thumb

Pontiac Firebird

The Pontiac Firebird was introduced in 1967 with a characteristic Coke bottle styling. Originally Pontiac wished to produce a two-seat sports car of its own design, based on the original Banshee concept car

Pontiac Grand Prix thumb

Pontiac Grand Prix

Design of the 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix sought elegance in simplicity. It was rather unusual for the era when bigger was better and the price of a car could be told easily from looking at the number of chrome surfaces.
Pontiac Bonneville thumb

Pontiac Bonneville

The Pontiac Bonneville was presented to the general public in 1957, as a luxury convertible with all the best performance options of the era. It competed directly with powerful brands like Cadillac, targeting wealthy American consumers.
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