Plymouth Barracuda thumb

Plymouth Barracuda

It was year 1964, two weeks before the Ford Mustang debut, when Plymouth designers launched an ace up their sleeve called Barracuda. It was the original pony car targeted for both young males and young families.
Plymouth Belvedere thumb

Plymouth Belvedere

Chevrolet Bel Air success prompted Plymouth managers to enter in yet another strong clash on generally low-priced American car market in 1951. Priced at $2,114 Plymouth Belvedere was designed to beat Chevrolet and Ford competitive models.

Plymouth Fury thumb

Plymouth Fury

Fury was the fastest Plymouth built in history. With high peaked tail fins, everyone was shocked to see beat favorites Chrysler 300B, Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Thunderbird, while setting new speed record at 143.596 miles an hour.
Plymouth Valiant thumb

Plymouth Valiant

According to Virgil Exner's son, the name came from Hal Foster's comic strip Prince Valiant, his father's favorite comic. In any case, Plymouth Valiant entered the market on its own in 1960.

Buick Series 60 Century thumb

Buick Series 60 Century

In 1936, the Buick Century was presented as a part of Series 60 lineup, based on 320 cu in 120 hp engine with the ability to reach a top speed of 100 mph.The name originates from the British phrase "doing the century" suggested for the prototype.

Buick Skylark thumb

Buick Skylark

A distinctly unique mode, a part of the Roadmaster line, the first Buick Skylark was a limited edition vehicle designed to salute 50th anniversary of the company. Only 1,690 convertibles were produced under the Harley Earl guidance.

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