Cadillac Sixteen thumb

Cadillac Sixteen

From the modern perspective, the very concept of Cadillac Sixteen seems completely out of time and place. Imagine 1930s, a time when United States faced incredibly harsh crisis called the Great Depression.
Chevrolet Monte Carlo thumb

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Chevrolet Monte Carlo made a strong mark in American tradition of the midsize coupe models. In September 1969 John Z. DeLorean, successor of Pete Estes, officially presented Monte Carlo to the general public.

Chrysler C-300 thumb

Chrysler C-300

Chrysler reputation of innovative engineering at affordable prices was preserved again in 1955, when designer Virgil Exner showed a sample of his famous Forward Look in the model Chrysler C-300 styling.
Chrysler Town & Country thumb

Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler Town & Country was imagined as station wagon made in part from wood wagon, but with a strong steel roof. In 1941 Chrysler President David Wallace took the idea and brought it into reality.

Ford De Luxe thumb

Ford De Luxe

In 1937 Ford Motor Company introduced De Luxe Ford line alongside existing Lincoln models in an attempt to expand the market and reach more consumers. The new upscale brand had entirely separate styling and pricing through 1940...

Oldsmobile Fiesta thumb

Oldsmobile Fiesta

In 1953, American automotive industry wanted to inspire the average consumer with new concept cars representing the future at the grasp of a hand. Oldsmobile division responded with a rare vehicle built in only 458 units, under the name Fiesta.

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