Buick Electra thumb

Buick Electra

Aside from basic Buick Electra, another more specific model named Electra 225 was presented as the flagship. Electra 225 name originated from the car's overall length of over 225 in, which helped to gain a nickname deuce and a quarter.
Buick Gran Sport thumb

Buick Gran Sport

Back in 1965 Buick developed one exquisite muscle car model named Gran Sport. The company didn't have a strong reputation for making performance cars at the time, but Buick engineers had more than sufficient knowledge to make it a reality.

Buick Grand National thumb

Buick Grand National

In recent years Buick became an automobile brand associated with older people, who prefer traditional reliable cars. It is almost hard to imagine that decades ago Buick actually built high performance vehicles which the entire generations adored.

Chrysler Thunderbolt thumb

Chrysler Thunderbolt

Chrysler Thunderbolt was a rare showroom vehicle presented as the car of the future, designed to demonstrate to ordinary people the modern vision of automotive industry development for the years to come.

Chrysler Turbine car thumb

Chrysler Turbine car

Chrysler Turbine car was a result of large development program conducted in the 1950s and 1960s. The most fascinating vehicle powered by gas turbine engine was unveiled to the general public in May 1963.

Chrysler D'Elegance thumb

Chrysler D'Elegance

Chrysler D'Elegance was first introduced in Paris in 1952. It had a narrow and peaked front fenders, stylish arched grille and recessed headlights. Rear fenders gave an impression of expanding out the sides of the rear of the car...

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