Edsel Ford

Born on November 6, 1893, as a natural successor of the legendary Henry Ford, Edsel Bryant Ford was a true child of the automotive industry, which grew up tinkering on cars. Even at a tender age of just six weeks his father tested and tuned the first Ford engine in their kitchen while Edsel slept peacefully a few feet away.

As a young boy, Edsel was also interested in the making of automobiles especially the styling and marketing aspects. He made his first vehicle sketches in 1903, around the time when strong and famous growth of Ford Motor Company was on its way.

Edsel wrote numerous essays on automobiles and automobile manufacturing during his years at the Detroit University School. After he finished school, Edsel Ford became an apprentice at the main Ford factory where he helped with simple tasks while learning how to make cars in the process.

By 1915, Edsel was heavily involved in company business process. Henry Ford concentrated mostly on engineering and manufacturing, while Edsel took responsibility for sales, purchasing, advertising, etc. Ford Motor Company grew at a tremendous rate in a few short years, as demand greatly surpassed supply.

The two had their disagreements and different styles, along with respect, admiration, and love for each other. Edsel imagination and vision can be seen in Lincoln Continental, an idea that cars could be beautiful as well as useful. Designed by E.T. Gregorie, the model was built in around 5,000 units, which are considered to this very day as the best example of classic styling. Edsel strengthened Ford Motors' overseas production, and modernized the company's cars with innovations such as hydraulic brakes.

Pictures of Edsel Ford

Edsel and Henry Ford talking   Edsel Ford profile   Young Edsel Ford


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