Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 on a prosperous family farm in Dearborn, Michigan. He was the first of William and Mary Ford's six children, and unlike most of his peers showed no interest in usual daily farm chores. Young Henry was fascinated with mechanics and machinery, a characteristic which later determined his life.

In 1879, at 16 years of age Henry Ford began to work as an apprentice machinist in Detroit, where he continued to learn for the next three years. During the following years, Henry divided his time between operating or repairing steam engines, finding occasional work in a Detroit factory, and over-hauling his father's farm implements. Upon his marriage to Clara Bryant in 1888, Henry supported himself and his wife by running a sawmill.

A defining moment occurred in 1891, when Ford became an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company and decided to try out his skills and knowledge in the industrial world. Soon he earned a promotion to Chief Engineer which gave him enough free time and money to research internal combustion engines.

A self-propelled vehicle with a gasoline engine called the Quadricycle was the initial result, giving him new ideas and opportunities. On November 6, 1893 only child of Clara and Henry Ford was born. Their son Edsel Bryant Ford was encouraged to take over the family automobile business and to leave his own mark on the industry.

After two failed attempts to establish a company to manufacture automobiles, Henry Ford realized his dream of producing a cheap, efficient and reliable car through Ford Motor Company in 1903. Model T was developed in 1908, ushering a new era in personal transportation and mass production. His contribution on the American automotive industry remains unparalleled to this very day.

Pictures of Henry Ford

Henry Ford in Model T   Henry Ford working on V8   Henry Ford relaxing


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