Lincoln Premiere

In 1956 Ford Motor Company rearranged the existing relations within Lincoln-Mercury division when the new hierarchy introduced made Lincoln Premiere the flagship model. The model left solid an impression on the American luxury car market with bright colors and a large amount of trim.

Stylish exterior design, high-class interior design and additional features certainly had an appeal to people who could afford this beauty in the 1950s.

Safety was increased with features such as deep dish steering wheel, padded dash and better door latches. Lincoln Premiere was offered in two and four door versions, both with maximum passenger capacity of six people.

Most popular options were hardtop coupe, a four-door sedan, and a convertible, all pretty costly since the prices above $4,600. Premiere was sold for four years, having decent success in the United States.

Original design came from different concept cars, the Mercury XM-800 and the Lincoln Futura, making the end result surprisingly good. Power performance was based on a 368 cu in Lincoln Y-Block V8 engine capable of generating 285 horsepower. The car weighed 4357 lb, making it very stable on the road.

Standard equipment included power seats, power windows, power brakes, automatic transmission and independent front suspension. There were some unique options like factory air conditioning with the vents were located overhead, quite a novelty among the luxury car models. Other factory included options were pretty regular i.e. the push-button lubrication, automatic headlight dimmer, radio, heater and power antenna.

Advertised as unmistakably Lincoln, the model grew three inches in wheelbase, seven inches in overall length and finally three inches in width. Wrapped windshield, clean grille, pointed headlamps and rakish vertical taillights were key features that people loved about Lincoln Premiere.

Company considered it just below the popular elite model Lincoln Continental. In 1957, Lincoln made some design changes to Premiere model. It was given larger fins and more chrome to make it flashy, while engine was upgraded to 300 horsepower. A four door Landau hardtop sedan was added to the Premiere lineup.

For every antique car collector, Lincoln Premiere remains a glowing beacon in American automotive history. Such large and striking model embodies the 1950s nostalgia and aspirations. Unfortunately, the vehicle is rather complicated to maintain and susceptible to rust.

Taking into account these two factors, not many models survived to this day in decent condition. 1957 Premiere convertible is always at the top of collector community wish list. Sold for costly $5381 there were only 3676 units built. Keep in mind that even the most desirable cars are valued on the age and condition, so take care when searching for your own Lincoln Premiere.

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