Oldsmobile Fiesta

In 1953, American automotive industry wanted to inspire the average consumer with new concept cars representing the future at the grasp of a hand. A selection of these dream cars was built by almost every manufacturer, unfortunately most original models never reached actual sale.

These hand built limited production masterpieces were extremely priced, including every cutting edge technology and customized to the smallest detail. General Motors was running the show and sending a clear message to the competition they could build anything.

Chevrolet presented Corvette, Cadillac surprised everyone with Eldorado model and Buick introduced Skylark model. Oldsmobile division responded with even more rare vehicle built in only 458 units, under the name Oldsmobile Fiesta.

Around 45 models are considered to be preserved to this day. Oldsmobile Fiesta showed a preview of future design, with unique side trim and wraparound Panoramic windshield.

The basic styling was rather similar to Oldsmobile 98 convertible, as well as some engineering aspects. That proved to be the main reason why only so few units were sold, since being priced at $5,715 Oldsmobile Fiesta was more than double the cost of fully equipped Oldsmobile 98.

From innovation standpoint, Fiesta had power hydraulic drum brakes and a tuned 303 cu in Rocket V8 engine capable of generating 170 horsepower. Details make Oldsmobile Fiesta a spectacular vehicle. All leather interior is perfectly balanced luxury, body lines are shaped to create an impression of elongated sporty car. The car was beautifully colored in two tones, which could be customized according to buyer wishes.

Wraparound windshield was the first one used in the entire Oldsmobile history and is equally impressive work of craftsmanship with a precise thin chrome trim. This incredible attention to detail is best seen in Fiesta emblem that was so thin and fragile it almost resembled jewelry.

Back in the day people adored Fiesta caps, a three bar wheel cover which was naturally used on Oldsmobile Fiesta. Equipped with a very high level of standard equipment, the Fiesta was the most luxurious and most powerful Oldsmobile offered at the time. Collectors appreciate Fiesta as a highly popular the post-war era model.

Iconic fifties look brings memories of a different time, when the car manufacturing was all about creativity and style. Since there were so little units produced, most of the people will never get a chance to take a look at this masterpiece. According to some online sources, the rarest of all the 1953 dream cars is estimated to reach a top price between $150,000 and $200,000 at auctions, depending on the condition and history.

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