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Historic people in automotive industry
Henry Ford Louis Chevrolet
Edsel Ford Walter Chrysler
Henry Leland Horace and John Dodge
William C. Durant David Dunbar Buick
Ransom Eli Olds Frederick and August Duesenberg
Frederick Latta Smith Harley Earl
John DeLorean John Mohler Studebaker
Jonathan Maxwell Joseph L. Hudson
Charles Franklin Kettering Charles Williams Nash
Childe Harold Wills Charles and Frank Duryea
Elwood Haynes John William Lambert
Nils Erik Wahlberg Walter Lorenzo Marr
Roy D. Chapin Virgil Exner


Classic cars by manufacturer

Ford Motor Company

Buick Motor Company

Ford Model T Buick LeSabre
Ford Falcon Buick Riviera
Ford Fairlane Buick Roadmaster
Ford Mustang Buick Series 60 Century
Ford Torino Buick Skylark
Ford Model A Buick Electra
Ford De Luxe Buick Gran Sport
  Buick Grand National
Chrysler Corporation Buick Y-Job
Chrysler Imperial  
Chrysler LeBaron Lincoln Motor Company
Chrysler New Yorker Lincoln Continental
Chrysler C-300 Lincoln Model K
Chrysler Town & Country Lincoln Zephyr
Chrysler Thunderbolt Lincoln Model L
Chrysler Turbine car Lincoln Premiere
Chrysler D'Elegance
Chrysler Airflow Chevrolet Motor Company
  Chevrolet El Camino
Cadillac Automobile Company Chevrolet Corvette
Cadillac DeVille Chevrolet Chevelle
Cadillac Eldorado Chevrolet Camaro
Cadillac Sixteen Chevrolet Bel Air
  Chevrolet Impala
Dodge Brothers Company Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Dodge Charger Chevrolet Corvair
Dodge Challenger Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Dodge Dart  
Dodge Polara Pontiac
Dodge Super Bee Pontiac Firebird
Dodge Wayfarer Pontiac Grand Prix
Dodge Viper Pontiac Bonneville
  Pontiac Tempest
Oldsmobile Pontiac GTO
Oldsmobile 88 Pontiac Ventura
Oldsmobile Jetfire
Oldsmobile Starfire Plymouth
Oldsmobile Fiesta Plymouth Barracuda
Oldsmobile Toronado Plymouth Belvedere
Oldsmobile Series 60 Plymouth Fury
Oldsmobile Curved Dash Plymouth Valiant
  Plymouth Road Runner